Warp Charge magnetic cables and why you need one

Magnetic USB cable are the Pinnacle of wireless charging. The solution of wireless charging is easily one of the most controversial tech topics of 2021. Especially across some of the major brands like OnePlus, Samsung and Apple. They are many ways to charge your device but which way is the best? There is inductive charging, warp charge magnetic cables which is specific to One Plus devices and the standard USB cable charger. All of which come with their own problems.

Cable warp charging device

Let us look at standard charging. We’ve all had to deal with the dreaded shorted cable or broken phone port. Also how many of us have accidentally pulled a a charger or even a connected computer straight off the table by just grabbing our phones in a hurry. Enough said!

Inductive Charging

Inductive charging is the newest charging technology and has really picked up steam in 2020. This type of charging is inefficient up to 50% of energy is wasted using inductive charging, not to add apple is no longer including this type of charger in the box by default. Actually any charger for that matter and a wireless charger just happens to be the most expensive type money can buy. What Apple’s real plan is by removing the charger from the box is another article but regardless all of the major brands are now doing it as well.

How the magnetic cables find your OnePlus device. Like coyote finding the roadrunner.

Magnetic charging

Magnetic cable chargers are quite like your normal USB charger except they disconnect automatically under too much pressure. This allows you to charge your device without the fear of damaging any part of it or the cable. This type of charging is clearly the best of the three. If you wish to discuss this further feel free to add more reasons in the comment section below. 

magnetic charging cable pros and cons

That being said not all magnetic charging cables are created equal. For example for the OnePlus device you need to use a warp charge magnetic cable quite similar to how you will need a 5 amp or more regular cable for your OnePlus device.  Similar, Samsung’s adaptive fast charger needs to be used with both the magnetic standard cable. 

Nu wave has listed all these types of cables for you which one is best for your device and which will fast charge your phone is not please use your guide so as to why the correct cable. Some other advantages to Magnetic USB cables are they are generally made of a high quality braided cable as well as a strong USB type A connector.

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