Smart Notepad

smart notepads

A smart notepad is a notepad that is erasable and digital. Digital means you can scan and store the notes in your notepad. This notepad is common between doctors, writers, engineers, or any profession which involves a lot of writing. To use, write in your doctors notepad as normal but you have many options with the written content.

Notepads may seem archaic but they are still often used in many industries. Some people cannot type as fast as they write. Also may not be in an area they can use a mobile device or computer to type. That is why have a notebook or notepad handy especially one which you may illustrate drawings on for either a group or for yourself can be quite handy. 

These notepads often revered to as smart doctor’s notepads are a staple in every medical student and doctor’s career. We need to move to the digital age but not everyone moves at the same speed. A smart notepad is the stepping stone needed for those reluctant to advance.

Some features are you can reuse these notebooks over 500 times with the proper care. You can scan your notes and even use OCR on the notes. Allowing you to tag and search for them easily on services such as everyone, Google docs, Apple and Microsoft. Whatever your favorite document editor might be.

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