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never have i ever questions for kids
Never have I ever is one of the top icebreakers to date. Whether played with cards or the online game it remains to be one of the all-time greatest. Below is a list of questions you can use at your next gathering

Never Have I Ever Game

Never have I ever is best played with adults who are all comfortable with each other. Some of the questions can get rather personal and specific. But if you are with friends there is no need to feel embarrassed.

Online or Offline

Similarly, to Taboo you either have to purchase the card game. Most sites have well over 100 never have I ever questions for your group to chose from. Depending on the number of players more questions will be needed. With or without the never have I ever card game this is how to play. The only difference is the source of the questions.

How to play

To begin ask the first never have I ever question. Whoever had done the question gains a point (including you if you ask a question you already have done). In different versions of the game such as drinking games, gross foods etc. That point can be represented in having to eat a gross food or taking a shot.

Funny Never Have I Ever Questions

  1. Never have I ever laughed so hard I peed my pants.
  2. Never have I ever gone without a bath or shower for more than a week.
  3. Never have I ever tried to discreetly pick a wedgie in public.
  4. Never have I ever ridden a mechanical bull.
  5. Never have I ever walked in on a family member in the bathroom.
  6. Never have I ever stepped in dog poop barefoot.
  7. Never have I ever thrown up because someone else threw up.
  8. Never have I ever thought about what type of dog I would be.
  9. Never have I ever been catfished.
  10. Never have I ever dyed my bath water.
  11. Never have I ever said to people that I don’t fart.
  12. Never have I ever used the bathroom in complete darkness.
  13. Never have I ever been chased by a cat.
  14. Never have I ever been chased by a dog.
  15. Never have I ever worn Crocs.
  16. Never have I ever had diarrhea and vomited simultaneously.
  17. Never have I ever tried guessing someone’s password.
  18. Never have I ever kissed an animal.
  19. Never have I ever farted in an elevator and pretended it was not me.
  20. Never have I ever walked a tightrope.
  21. Never have I ever gotten my face stuck between burglar bars.
  22. Never have I ever been shocked by electricity.
  23. Never have I ever fake cried to get what I want.
  24. Never have I ever knowing worn a Broken Watch.
  25. Never have I ever Bitten a pet.

This list was taken from funny never have I ever questions at never have ever. Go there for even more questions.

Two Truths and a lie

Another game which can be played with a friend is two truths and a lie. This game involves users to present three statements, one of which a lie and your opponent has to guess the lie. Of course, you can list you lie in any order in an attempt to confuse players.
Here is the scenario
I never went to school on time, I love typing on a computer over a mobile phone. I am a table tennis champion.
Now you guess the lie
The lie is the second statement, I actually prefer typing on my phone because it’s a blackberry with a physical keyboard. This is probably not what you guessed since most people prefer the opposite of what I do. This is one, of many strategies to employ when playing two truths and a lie. Making the lie look like a truth therefore it gets overlooked. Checkout truths and lei for common strategies and examples like the one I used above

Also, truths and lie can be used as a non-invasive method to get to know someone. You can play online or offline. Depending on the persons statements, their truths vs lies you can find out quite a bit about them. There is a 10-part survey on truths and lie which allows you to send your questions via a link to friends and see what they voted. It a good way to see who knows you best. The answer will most likely surprise you.


For the game of Taboo, you are required to purchase the cards or use a website to generate them.
Each card has on one word at the top which your friends have to guess. Underneath the main word there are forbidden words. This means, when trying to get your friend to guess the main word you cannot use the forbidden words. Also, acting out the question is forbidden.

It is often played in teams of two. Each team assigns a person each round to ask a question. Of, course there is a time limit on how long each team member gets to play. After the time is up points are tallied after each person has a chance to try to get the group to guess questions on the card
This game is guaranteed to increase the life at any party.

Scavenger Hunt

This one we all know! A scavenger hunt not only a popular game but is also prevalent in many computer game quests.

How to Play

All the party goers get clues that lead them to other clues located in different areas. The scale of this game can range from a room or hose to a city-wide hunt.
It is normally played with teams but can be played by individuals as well. The first person or team to get all the clues and find the items wins!

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