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Custom Window Treatments Blinds

custom vertical blindsI have a great offer for you guys on custom windows treatments. 3 Day Blinds will physically visit your home to determine the types of blinds, shades or curtains you need for your home and then give you a free quote for the installation and price of those blinds.

Custom Window Blinds

It is really a challenging finding the right blinds for your home. The store lighting is different from that one in your house, therefore, shades look different in store. Also, there is the issue of measuring the blinds. That is always annoying…should I hang then just under above the window or up to the ceiling like drapes?

That is why I decided to let you guys know I have some good news get a free custom quote on custom window blinds, vertical, horizontal shades. Also when I say blinds I also mean drapes, shades, shutters, curtains… basically all window hanging decorations. Check them out above and leave a comment. Let me know how you experience went with the program. Also, check out the videos on the site for customer reviews.